How to Prepare for an Earthquake

How to prepare for an Earthquake


When it comes to preparing yourself and your family for an earthquake it can seem like a long, difficult task. Something that you’re going to spend a lot of money and time on that you simply don’t have. Then there’s the case of “Have I done enough? Could I do more?”

I know this feeling! Following the 7.1 on September 4th, 2010, I spent more time looking up how to protect myself and my family from earthquakes. I spent time on social media talking to friends and strangers alike, helping them prepare for possible scenarios. The thing that bugged me though was the lack of knowledge I had prior to the quake. How much stuff I didn’t know until after it had happened to me.

The good news is that you now have the opportunity to avoid this mistake and learn now. The best bit is that it’s all free and easy to use and read! The idea behind this site is to create a resource that can help people like yourself get prepared for local earthquake disasters and I plan to do so in five simple steps.

Knowing what to do during an Earthquake


This is the first and most important information to familiarise yourself with. Knowing how to survive the event is definitely more important than anything else. If you don’t survive this, all other information is useless. The only reason I knew what to do during an earthquake was thanks to learning about it in school the previous year. Without those lessons on earthquakes, I wouldn’t have been able to call out and wake my family in time. I want to pass this information along in an easy to read and understand guide on knowing what to do during an earthquake.

Earthquake Preparedness Kits


Following on from learning what to do during the event, the next logical step in learning how to prepare for an earthquake is building an earthquake preparedness kit. This is a kit that will help you survive utility failures that follow and possible evacuation. The idea behind the earthquake preparedness kit is to be able to survive 72 hours without putting pressure on official relief supply lines, allowing them to strengthen and stabilise. A big problem following earthquakes is the number of people who aren’t prepared and need immediate relief. This puts more pressure on authorities and creates a problem that could have been avoided. I’m going to teach you how to create and earthquake preparedness kit and prepare properly.

Car Survival Kit


Having a car survival kit is a great way to compliment your kit at home. There’s no telling when an earthquake is going to happen, meaning you could be just about anywhere. If you’re out driving, there’s a chance you won’t be able to make it home and an even bigger chance that it will take a long time due to traffic. This is why many people park their cars and make their way home on foot with their car survival kit. Learning how to make and use these kits is a great way to cover and protect against more scenarios. I’ll teach you how to create a small, mobile kit that can help you get home after a quake or help you out after a car accident or other incident.

Survival Food List


Food and water is a big part of building a survival kit, but it can be hard packing the right food. I know personally a survival food list would have been very helpful, not to mention helpful when thinking up survival meals. It’s likely that utilities have shutdown following a quake to protect the public, so cooking food may not be a possibility. If you’ve got a family to look after or special dietary  requirements, some creative meal ideas may be required. Just because we don’t have access to our main utilities doesn’t mean we can’t eat delicious things to keep spirits high. All of this while making sure you’re eating high energy foods to keep yourself healthy following a major earthquake disaster.

Disaster Preparedness Plan


The final step is to create a disaster preparedness plan that details the steps to take depending on the circumstance. Having tangible instructions based off government recommendations can really take the guess work out of what to do following the earthquake. This plan can also provide assurance and confidence to children so they know what to do after a major disaster, instead of being in the dark about it all. A Disaster Preparedness Plan provides stability in a time where it’s hard to find and can keep us calm as we have a task to focus on. Creating this plan is the final step  to protecting yourself and your family!



Now if that wasn’t enough, you’ll definitely be interested in the blog where I will be posting all sorts of regular content like;

Earthquake Updates

After every major earthquake, I’ll be posting an update post breaking down the information from the quake and what happened to those impacted by the disaster. Chances are I will have already covered it on Reddit and then be writing up a more detailed post here.

FAQ Posts

Have you got a question about earthquakes? Ask me now and I’ll do my best to answer it appropriately!

Earthquake News

Has there been some earthquake related discovery or some technology breakthrough? Come check out my opinion and break down of the news!



Preparing for an earthquake doesn’t have to be hard and with these guides, it won’t be! I will use my own experience and advice provided by the top services around the world to give you and your family the best information you can find!

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